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Dear Client:

To enable us to properly prepare your tax return, please provide us with all of the following information:
E-Mail address and daytime telephone number

One copy of W-2 and 1099 forms you receive

All year-end mortgage statements, including those refinanced or paid off during the year

Property tax amounts (if not shown on mortgage statement)

1099 forms reporting all stock sales as well as purchase date and cost for the stocks sold

1099 forms reporting unemployment compensation, state tax refunds, and Social Security benefits

1099 forms for all retirement fund transfers and distributions

Social Security numbers & dates of birth for all dependents

Copies of last year's Federal & State tax returns (for new clients only)

List of itemized deductions with amounts (medical, charity, etc.)

List of business or rental property income and expenses (We do not need receipts or checks)

Date and amount of each estimated tax payment, Federal & State

Name, address, and Social Security or Federal ID number of all child care providers

College tuition bills and educational expenses

Interest paid on school loans for students

IRA contributions, if any (both regular and Roth)

Any other documents you feel may be needed

Please note that we do not need originals of any of these forms; copies of everything will be sufficient. For our returning clients, we have all of your prior information saved from last year, so we do not need anything you have previously supplied to us.